July 5, 2020

This Garlic and Sichuan pepper (Timur) infused Oyster Mushroom is one of my favorite childhood dishes to eat as a side with rice, roti or noodles wrap etc. I infused garlic slowly in the Olive Oil with this special pepper and spices, adding mushrooms, and then cook until the garlic becomes soft with the mushrooms. Typically, my mum makes in this way which is I love it very much,...

May 23, 2020

Busy day, if you do not want to cook big meal then this Quick Tomato Rice dish is for you. You can enjoy for lunch or dinner with Fish Patties or Fried Chicken or only Tomato rice. I cook Parboiled rice with tomato and aromatic spices, it cannot go wrong! The flavor is so good and taste’s amazing. Try them out. Enjoy!

Cooking time 25 minutes

Serves 4 or more depends


1 ½ c...

November 7, 2019

I'm going to teach you the ultimate ways to eat a Pomegranate. Jam, Molasses, Liquor, Tea, Juice and Dry Seeds (Anardana).

May 8, 2019

This is all about Chayote (Escus) and how we enjoy in Nepal with easy and delicious way...

May 1, 2019

Chayote Squash I brought them a few from Nepal 3 years ago and planted in Portugal. It gives me 20 to 30 Chayote every year. It is so special to me so I'm going share a simple but delicious Nepalese Chayote recipes. It is going to be a series of 4 episodes. In this series I will show you 4 delicious Nepalese ways to cook and store for the off season.

In this video I will show you...

March 31, 2019

This is a full Nepalese meal that I cooked in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in my visit to Azores. This is to anyone that lives abroad, and even though they enjoy the local beauty still miss their home country and food. Wherever you are don't stop cooking authentic food from your own country and enjoy.

In this meal I have made 7 simple and delicious dishes which is very easy to...

October 3, 2018

Piri Piri sauce is very popular in Portugal and African countries. I was always thought that it was originally from Portugal but it wasn't!

August 11, 2018

This is a Nepalese style fresh coriander dipping sauce, in Nepal we call Dhaniya ko Achar, it means fresh coriander pickle

August 5, 2018

Nepal is a country where we always still depend on seasonable fruits and vegetables

July 7, 2018

Samosa is a very comfort snack and everyone love it, vegan, vegetarian or non vegetarian, I make it with a lots of aromatic and lovely ingredients

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