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Handmade Bread

Cooking time 30 to 40 minutes



  • 500g All-purpose flour

  • 300ml Water

  • 25g Yeast

  • 7g Salt

  • 2 tbsp Olive oil





How to make

Put flour in to a large surface clean bowl or on the table, make a circle into it by using hand, add water and oil into it, make the crumble of the fresh yeast and put it on top of circled flour in one side and put salt another side. Never put the salt and the yeast together, salt will deactivate the yeast.

Start stirring slowly by using hand in circle until everything mix then start mix the dough until it gets soften (if dough is harder or very soft use little bit water or flour). Then put the dough into the bowl, cover it by kitchen towel and keep it in warm place to ferment for an hour.

An hour dough going to be double in size, take it out then mix again to take the air out and soften gentaly, Next separate the dough in to 2 parts and make it around or long shape. Add dry flour on the baking tray and put those dough on the tray cover it for half an hour and keep it in warm place.  

Meanwhile prepare the 1 egg yok add 1tbsp of water and mix it until it combine, after half an hour dough going to be increase and put mixer of yok on top of the both dough by brush very well.

Then put it in to the 180 degree centigrade preheated oven for the 40 minutes and meanwhile check couple of time with sharp thing or stick to know if cooked or not. (Note – if your oven doesn’t have steam system, put water little bit in the flat tray and put it in to the oven beneath the bread tray, it gives more smoothness to the bread) If the stick comes out without liquid then bread is done. Enjoy!

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