Flattened Rice

Flattened Rice

Rice flakes, a paddy product is also popularly known as Poha. Rice flakes, Poha rice or Flattened Rice are known by other names also like pressed rice, flattened rice or flaked rice. Poha may be precisely described as one of world's first ever "fast foods". The highest quality of pohaI(rice flakes) is one that is paper thin and translucent and is also a bit more expensive. Healthy Poha dish for enjoyment and energy.

Normally eaten as a breakfast item, Poha(rice flakes) can be fried with chilly and spices to make a tasty dish or can be eaten with curd or made into a sweet dessert also (healthy breakfast ideas). Also used to make a farsan product called Chevda, Poha or rice flakes are used to thicken gravy. An easily digestible product, the Rice flakes preparations can be cooked even at short notice and this product is an available easily item.


Poha or Rice flakes can be stored for a long time like two to three months under proper storage conditions. Rice flakes are available in most Asian markets and come in many thicknesses. Rice flakes are essentially the parboiled rice made flat and thin and flat by applying pressure to partially cooked rice. With uneven edges, the extremely light flakes have a rough texture. Having a bland taste and no particular aroma, rice flakes can be cooked as a soft preparation or crunchy.

  • Weight: 250gr

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