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Rice Pudding / Kheer

This is a very rich and creamy rice dessert, small quantity of rice cook with a lot of milk, dried nuts, sugar, whole spices and touch of ghee or butter to add the smooth texture. It is immensely flavorful, everyone can enjoy. Give it a try you won’t regret! Happy cooking and eating.

Serves 4


Cooking time 40 to 45 minutes



  • 1.5 liters milk

  • 100g short grain rice

  • 150g white sugar

  • 1tbsp ghee or butter

  • Whole spices for flavor

  • Small stick of cinnamon

  • 5 pieces cardamom skin open

  • 3 pieces cloves

  • 1 small tea bag cloth or white transparent cloth

  • Dried nuts (can use in your preference)

  • 1 tbsp chopped dried coco nut 

  • 5 pieces hazelnuts and almonds chopped in strips

  • 15 pieces cashew nuts crushed in mortar 

  • 12 pieces pistachios chopped in strips  

  • 30g golden and brown raisins

  • Dried nuts for decoration are optional.


How to make

Put milk into the deep pot, turn on gas to high and let milk to boil, meanwhile put all whole spices in the tea bag cloth and tie it, then put into the milk to cook. When the milk starts boiling turn the heat to low and let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes in between keep stirring to milk to not burn.

After 15 to 20 minutes you can see the milk reduced, starts getting thicker, take the whole spices out, add rice, increase heat to high until it starts boiling again then reduce the heat to low and cook it further 10 minutes until the rice almost cooks, keep stirring between this time because it can easily burn and sticks in the pot. 
After 10 minutes add sugar, 1tbsp of ghee or butter and mix it well then let it cook for 2 minutes, do not forget to keep stirring.
Add all chopped and crushed nuts and cook for 4 minutes, keep stirring and check the consistency, if that consistency is what you are looking for, turn off the gas. Now our rich, creamy and flavorful rice dessert is done! Enjoy!

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