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Radish Chili Pickle

Khadeko Mula ko Achar its a typical Nepalese side pickle dish, made with Radish, fresh chilies and flakes, Mustard Oil and seeds, Ginger, Garlic, Coriander, Turmeric Powder etc. This pickle increases your appetite and its an all time favorite dish all over Nepal. It's so easy to make with affordable ingredients, you just need time to ferment it well.

Making and Finishing time

To dry Radish on sunlight 2 days

To prepare and combine all together 20 minutes

To let it ferment minimum 15 days on sunlight


Step 1:

To chop and dry

1.5 kg Daikon Radish

200g Fresh Chilies (small spicy & long less spicy)

70g Garlic

50g Ginger

Step 2:

To assemble

200ml Mustard Oil

50g Mustard Seeds

40g Red Chilies Flakes (use to your taste)

2 tbsp Coriander seeds

1 tbsp Salt

1 tbsp Turmeric powder

How to make:

Step 1

  1. Radish clean and peel lightly, chop it up in 0.5 inch wide, 1 or 1.5 inch long strips, transfer to a large plate. Chilies, cut into 1 inch pieces, Ginger and Garlic chop it into random strips too.

  2. Put them on a large plate (wood or bamboo) then allow to dry on Sun for 2 days, meanwhile turn them over to remove the moisture and soften evenly.

Step 2

After Radish, Chilies, Ginger and Garlic is dried in 2 days.

  1. Heat a pan, dry roast mustard seeds on medium low heat, stir it until it slightly changes the colour. Join in Coriander seeds, stir it 30 seconds together, transfer into mortar and let it cool it down.

  2. Meanwhile heat a pan, Mustard oil in, heat it up one medium heat until we see light smoke flowing, turn off the heat, add in Turmeric powder, mix well with oil and allow to cool it down.

  3. Crush the roasted Mustard and coriander seeds until its powder and pour onto Radish and chilies along with Salt, Chili flakes and cooked mustard oil and Turmeric.

  4. Combine them very well with dried spatula or hands. Put into the air tide, clean and dried Jar, push it down to squeeze evenly into the Jar. After you put it the Jar full then lid on very well that air shouldn't inter.

  5. Keep the Jar onto a place where sunlight is exposed for a minimum 15 days to ferment, make sure the lid is off and tide during this time.

  6. After 15 days, the pickle is going to be ready to eat. If you like you can leave it on the sun more days the pickles become strong, tangy and more sour, savery.

Note: always use a dry spoon or hand when you are taking pickles out. Keep at room temperature or in the fridge and enjoy until it finishes.

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