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Creamy Spinach Chicken Thighs

A recipe that you can enjoy with anything that is very creamy and rich. The main ingredients are Cream, Spinach and Chicken thighs that I cook with aromatic Nepalese spices. It is a very creamy, flavorful, and so delicious that you cannot stop eating.

The ingredients are listed on the description box below; the full recipe is in this video. So, watch this video until the end.

Cooking time 40 minutes

Serves 3


650g Chicken Thighs

300g Spinach

1/3 cup Cream

To marinate Chicken

2 tbsp Olive Oil

½ tsp Black pepper

½ tsp Turmeric powder

1 tsp Garam Masala

1 tsp Chili Powder

3 tbsp Lemon Juice

½ tsp Salt

To blend

2 tbsp Olive Oil

½ Onion

2 pods Shallot

3 green Chilies

3 cloves Garlic

1-inch Ginger

1 medium Tomato

½ tsp Cumin seeds

A few pinches Salt

Spices to cook dish

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1/2 tbsp Cumin powder

½ tbsp Coriander powder

½ tsp Turmeric powder

1 tsp Chili Powder

½ tsp Salt

2 tbsp cream to garnish

1 cup Water

How to make:

Prepare all the ingredients above.

  1. First chicken thighs, clean, remove the bone by using a sharp knife, after, run over the knife on the meat part lightly and cut them in the middle If it’s a large piece to cook evenly.

  2. Marinate the Chicken very well with olive oil, Black pepper, Turmeric powder, Garam Masala, Lemon Juice, and salt in both sides, then cover it and keep it aside for a minimum of 15 minutes.

  3. Wash the Spinach and separate the leaves. Let the water boil with salt and add in Spinach, combine it evenly, boil it for 2 minutes. Drain the water and run cold water over, to stop cooking then put it into a blender and keep it aside.

  4. Next, Onion, Shallot, Chilies, Garlic, Ginger and Tomato, chop them up randomly. Heat a pan, add Olive Oil in and Cumin seeds, on medium heat, fry it until it becomes fragrant then Ginger and Garlic fry it, stirring for 30 seconds.

  5. Then, Onion shallot and Chilies, mix and cook for about 3 minutes until they become soft. Next the tomato and the salt combine them and cook it until it becomes soft and let it cool down.

  6. To grill the Chicken thighs. Heat a pan, grease it lightly with Olive Oil. Put them in the hot pan skin side down first then cook them until it has a gorgeous caramelized color on medium or medium high heat. Turn them over and cook another side the same way. Turning them a couple of times, cook in total of 10 minutes then keep it aside.

  7. To blend, add in the cooked spices with the Spinach in the blender as well as a quarter cup of water. Blend it until it becomes a smooth sauce and transfer into a bowl. Add in quarter cup of water into the blender to remove the extra sauce from it and join it into the Spinach sauce.

  8. Heat a pan, drop the Olive Oil, and keep on low heat then add in the Turmeric powder, Chili Powder, Cumin powder and coriander powder, combine them well for 20 seconds. Add in all the blended Spinach and spices, add in the I/2 cup of water into a bowl and add it in. Mix it very well and let it boil on medium heat. Add in the Cream, combine it very well. Taste it if the salt is ok and adjust to your taste. Combine it very well.

  9. Add in all the Grilled Chicken and the juice from it. Reduce the heat to low, lid on, cook it for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes lid off if you find the sauce is too liquid then you turn the heat up to medium and let it boil without lid on for 2 minutes more.

  10. You are done.

Garnish with the cream if you like and enjoy with Rice, Roti, or Bread.

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