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Chayote with Mutton Stew

This is episode 4 & in this episode I will show you how we cook a delicious stew Chayote with Mutton at home with aromatic spices. This is one of the most traditional and delicious dishes which I grow up eating it. We can enjoy as a side dish with Rice, Beaten Rice or Roti, etc.

Please watch the 1st episode to know how to take care of them, the 2nd one to make the pickle out of it and 3rd one to cook with small dried fish. Enjoy!

Cooking time 90 minutes

Serves 4


800g Mutton with Bone

500g 1 Chayote

2 medium ripe Tomatoes

1 big medium Onion or 1 cup

4 tbsp Rapeseed Oil

½ tbsp Salt or to your taste

3 tbsp Spring Coriander to cook and some leaves to garnish

1 tbsp fresh Mint

2 sliced Ginger

½ tsp Turmeric Powder

1 tsp Garam Masala

For Masala Paste

1 tbsp Coriander Seeds

1 tbsp Cumin Seeds

1 tsp Black Pepper

9 cloves Garlic

1& ½ inch Ginger

4 red fresh Chilies or to your taste

Aromatic Spices

2 Cinnamon Leaves

2 small Cinnamon Sticks

1 Star Anis

5 Cardamom Pods

4 Cloves

How to make:

First prepare all the ingredients ready!

  1. To make Masala Paste dry roast the Coriander, Cumin Seeds and Black Pepper until it changes the color to light brown, put them into a Mortar grind with pastel until its powder then add in garlic, chilies and ginger then pastel them until its fine paste and set aside.

  2. Chop Onion, mint, Coriander and keep it a bit to garnish then slice the Tomatoes, chop the Mutton and Chayote into cubes.

  3. Boil the meat with sliced of ginger 10 minutes, drain and rinse it with cold water and set aside.

  4. Heat a pan in medium high heat and add in Oil, after the oil heats, add in Turmeric powder and meat straight a way and combine with it very well. Then let it fry until the meat seems light brown.

  5. Add in Aromatic Spices and fry them 30 seconds then Masala paste and combine it very well with the meat then join in chopped Onion, mint and green Coriander, mix well and let it cook around 2 minutes and add in Salt to your taste mix and Garam Masala too. Combine them very well and add in hot water around 500ml and lid on and let it stew around 40 minutes on medium heat.

  6. After 40 minutes mix and add in chopped tomatoes and Chayote, mix again, lid on and cook it until the chayote becomes soft.

  7. Meanwhile store the dried chayote if you have it.

  8. After the Chayote cooks very well, put it into serving bowl and garnish with

Coriander leaves and enjoy with Rice, Roti or eaten Rice.

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