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Fruit Soup 🌿

This is a very refreshing, light and aromatic Soup that it's a pleasure to eat it. It has Watermelon, Tomatoes, Nectarines and Fresh Basil leaves and seasoned with a bit salt, pepper and extra Virgin olive oil. So simple to make it, give it a try!

Preparation time 15 minutes

Serves 5 to 6


  • 500g Plum Tomatoes

  • 2 big size of Nectarines

  • 1.5 kg of Watermelon

  • 1 big handful of Basil leaves

  • 2 table spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • ½ tea spoon of Table Salt

  • Black Pepper at your taste

  • Finely Chopped French garlic for garnish

How to make

First boil the water, make a cross on the back of tomatoes and put into the boiling water then let it boil for a minute. Drain the tomatoes you can see already their skins are falling. Add cold water to stop cooking and cool it down. Then peel the tomatoes take out the seeds and chop them randomly and add in to the big bowl.

Take the seed out and chop nectarines randomly and add it to with tomatoes.

Watermelon Peel, take seeds out as much you can and chop it randomly as well . Add them to the bowl with nectarine and tomatoes.

Add one big handful of Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1/2 teaspoon of Table Salt and Black pepper at your taste then blend it all together until it becomes smooth consistency. Now your soup is ready.

Note: if you are serving it strait a way add a few cubes of ice while you are blending, or leave it two hours before serving on the fridge to chill out.

Garnish with finely chopped French garlic (it gives crunchiness) and some Basil leaves.

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