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Tasty Chicken Curry Soup 🐔🥘

A flavorful and aromatic typical Nepali dish which is cooked with fragrant and rich spices from Nepal. Free range chicken cooked with a lot of Garlic, Ginger, Onion, dried whole spices and Cumin, Coriander, and a lot more lovely spices. I also used Rice Starch which I made myself, this is the traditional and simple way that we do in Nepal which helps to make this delicious soup. This is a day to day dish in Nepal and we Nepalese are always craving for it. I hope you will try it as well and enjoy with plain Rice.

Cooking Time for free range chicken 35 to 40 Minutes ( for normal soft chicken only 25 to 30 minutes)

Serves 5 to 6


1 kg of free range Chicken chopped in 1 and half inch cubes

4 cups of Rice starch water ( use 1 and half tbsp rice or corn starch and mix with 4 cups of cold water)

2 medium sized Onions sliced thinly lengthwise

2 medium sized Tomatoes diced into small cubes

I/2 tsp of Black Pepper

1 Cinnamon leaf

3 crushed Cardamom pods

3 Cloves

1 Cinnamon stick

2 dried Chilies

Salt to your taste or 1 tsp

1 tsp of Carom and Fenugreek seeds

1 fresh Green Chili chopped

3 tbsp of Spring Coriander, chopped finely

½ tsp of Turmeric powder

1tsp of Red Chili powder

1 and half tsp of Cumin and Coriander powder

1 tsp of Chicken Masala and ½ tsp of Garam Masala.

2 to 3 tbsp of Mustard Oil (use any cooking oil)

To make the Paste

4 cloves of large Garlic

1 tbsp Ginger

1 tsp of Cumin seeds

1 tsp of Coriander seeds

Chopped Garlic Ginger randomly and add it into a mortar and add Cumin and Coriander seeds then with the pestle pound it all together until it becomes like a paste.

To Garnish (This is totally optional)

1 Red fresh Chili

1 Spring Onion

Julian it and put it into the ice water to keep it fresh to garnish and put it in the refrigerator

How to make

First prepared all the above ingredients

  1. Heat a pan in medium high flame , after pan is hot, add oil and let it to be hot.

  2. After oil is hot add Carom and Fenugreek seeds and let it infuse all flavor into oil, fry it until it becomes dark.

  3. In a minute or 2 we see that the seeds are dark, it is normal to see the smoke now in the pan.

  4. Next add the meat, mix well to combine with the oil, in a couple of minutes you can see water coming out from the meat, let it fry without the lid on until all water dried from the meat and oil separates.

  5. After 5 to 6 minutes we will see the oil separated and no more water, and you will hear crackling sounds, it means the meat is starting to get sealed outside, this is what makes curries so delicious.

  6. Now its time to add the sliced onion, Cinnamon stick, Cinnamon leaf, Cardamom pods, Cloves and dried chilies as well as green chopped Chili. Mix it very well and fry it until all Onion turns out soft, brown and oil separates from it.

  7. After 3 to 4 minutes Onions seems so delicate and brown. And no more water left , make space in the middle then add the chili powder and turmeric powder, mix well to combine and let it cook for 30 seconds.

  8. After 30 seconds add Ginger Garlic, Cumin and coriander seeds paste and as well as Cumin, Coriander, Garam masal and chicken masala powder, mix it very well and let it cook for a minute.

  9. Now add Pepper and Salt, mix it well, add chopped tomatoes, mix well. Cook it until all tomatoes becomes soft.

  10. After 3 to 4 minutes, tomatoes are soft, add all rice starch, mix well and put the lid on and let it cook for around 15 minutes in medium flame to combine all the flavor to the soup.

  11. After 15 minutes, lid off, the meat should be cook perfectly. You can check with a fork poking it.

  12. Add chopped spring coriander, mix it well and taste and adjust the flavor then you are done, turn off the gas, lid on again and let it rest for around five minutes to make it more flavorful. After five minutes the soup becomes thicker, and looks delicious and fantastic. You can garnish with our Julian Red chili and Spring onion if you like.

  13. You can serve straight a way or in the next day, it gets more delicious just heat it up before serving and enjoy with plain rice and side dishes.

I hope you enjoyed my recipe, dont forget to like my video as well, Subscribe and Share! Thanks!

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