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Chicken Pasta Soup / Canja

This soup is a one pot meal, without hassle. In this critical situation for your family, you can modify the recipe according to your family members.

A Portuguese influenced dish, mostly eaten in winter season or if you don´t feel to have heavy meal. This is a fantastic dish to enjoy as a lunch or dinner. I boiled a whole free-range Chicken until it tenders with Chorizo, Onion, Carrot and spices, shredded the meat by hand and then cook in the broth with Elbow Pasta, serve with fresh mint. It is a very refreshing dish, very easy to make, enjoy as a main meal.

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Serves around 5 or 6


A whole free-range Chicken

Elbow Pasta 1 cup (use a bit more if you like)

A bunch of Mint

A Chorizo optional

A Carrot

1 medium Onion

5 Cloves

Bay leaves

1 tsp Salt or to your taste

How to make:

Prepare all the ingredients above.

  1. Poke in the Chorizo.

  2. Put the cloves into the peeled Onion.

  3. Boil the chicken around 10 minutes with Salt.

  4. After 10 minutes, remove the Chicken, wash it very well. Throw the broth away.

  5. Next put the chicken into a large pot and add in Onion with Cloves, Carrot, Chorizo, bay leaves, Salt and around 2 and half liter of water.

  6. Boil it on a high heat then remove the scum up if appeared, lid on reduce the heat to medium low, let it cook until the Chicken gets tender. The cooking time depends on the type of chicken.

  7. After the Chicken gets tender, remove the chicken out and the rest. Let the broth to be boil slowly on low heat.

  8. Shred the chicken and put it back in the broth and let it continuously boil if you need, add extra water to make it around 2 and half liters.

  9. Chop the Carrot and Chorizo, as you like.

  10. Next add in the Carrot and Pasta and let it cook around 4 minutes.

  11. After 4 minutes taste if you want more salt, add it or a few drops of lemon or lime juice if you like. Now we are done cooking.

Optional: Add a bit lemon juice, it also gives a nice fresh flavor.

To serve, into a pot, put fresh mint then the soup, garnish with those pieces of Chorizo and fresh mint, mix them and enjoy this hearty and refreshing soup as a meal. Thank you so much for being until here if you like it please subscribe.

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