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Tasty Grilled Sardines 🐟

Deliciously juicy grilled Sardines, season with salt and lemon was so tasty along on a summery time with Portuguese style simple salad. It is very easy to make, give it a try! Enjoy cooking and eating!

Serves 3 to 4

Preparing time 25 to 30 minutes (after cleaning)


  • 650g Sardines

  • ½ lemon juice

  • 1 handful of sea salt

  • ½ tsp of olive oil


  • 300g cucumber slice without inner part

  • 1 red capsicum peel and slice to strips

  • 3 medium size tomatoes

  • 150g onion slice

  • 150g cherry tomatoes

  • 150g black olives

  • 1 hand full of oregano

  • 3tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

  • 2tbsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice as you like

  • Salt a your taste

  • A few ice cubes to give more freshness

How to make

Turn on heat and put the red capsicum on it, let it burn the skin, turn it around often to burn its skin evenly, take the capsicum out from the heat, put it in the bowl, cover it and set aside for a few minutes. Meanwhile slice the cucumber, tomato, onion and reserve them in the salad bowl. Clean the capsicum, slice it and mix with other salad and cover the salad bowl and keep in the fridge for later. Clean sardines thoroughly, season with salt and lemon juice, you can keep it 5 to 10 minutes before start grilling but not necessary, heat a griller in medium, add a bit of olive oil, and grill the sardines 3 minutes each side, be careful its fragile, and put them in the plate. Get the salad out, add the cherry tomatoes and black olives into the salad and season it with oregano, olive oil, vinegar or lemon, salt and some ice cubes and mix well. Now done enjoy!

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