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Pesto Sauce

Today I’m making a delicious and fresh Pesto sauce. It’s Italian treat with my twist, it is going to be amazing, herby, nutty, cheesy, garlicky and rich from the extra virgin Olive Oil. I know you will love it. It's very easy to make, just follow the quantity of the ingredients and blend. You can use it for pastas, paninis, bruschettas, salads or as a dipping, as you wish.

Making time 10 minutes

Serve 6 (or depends how much the sauce you would like to add into your meal)


90 grams Basil

180 ml extra virgin Olive Oil

60 grams Parmigiano - reggiano

60 grams Pine Nuts

6 cloves of crushed Garlic

1 tsp coarse Salt

1 tsp black Pepper

How to make:

Prepare all the ingredients above and blend:

  1. If you want you can grind in Mortar and pestle or in a blender blend in two rounds, in the first round put in half of the all ingredients, Garlic just half. Pine Nuts, Basil, Salt, Pepper, Cheese Parmigiano and extra virgin Olive Oil. Close with the lid and blend.

  2. Blend it until the texture you like, for me I love it when it still has little grains of the Pine Nuts in the sauce.

  3. In the second round, put the rest of the ingredients like before and blend until the texture you desire and transfer to a Jar. Finally drop some extra virgin Olive Oil to cover the top, which prevents creating fungus while we store it.

Note: - put the Pesto into the air tide sterilized Jar and keep in the fridge, you can use it for 15 days and enjoy with pastas, paninis, bruschettas, salads or as a dipping, as you wish.

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