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🦐 Prawn & Squid 🦑 Fried Rice

Squid & Prawn Fried Rice

Today if you're not feeling to cook a big meal, Fried rice is an option for you. This is a very easy and comfort dish that you can cook with all ingredients that you have in your fridge. Like I do, I'm cooking with a lots of colorful vegetables, Squid, Prawn and Jasmine rice as well as with my secret ingredient. Give it a try you will love it.

Serves 3 to 4

Cooking time 15 to 20 minutes


2 Cups of cooked Rice (200g rice cooked)

100g of Prawn peeled and cleaned

100g of Squid Cleaned and chopped

To marinate Squid and Prawn

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Black Pepper

Half teaspoon of Sesame oil (Optional)

1 tablespoon of Lemon Juice


100g of Mushroom sliced

100 of Zucchini diced in cubes

2 Green chili chopped

100g of Carrot diced in cubes

100g of red Capsicum

1 tablespoon of Lemon Juice

3 tablespoon of Oyster sauce

Half teaspoon of chili sauce Optional

4 spring Onion chopped

Salt & Pepper at your taste

1 teaspoon of Sesame oil

3 Cloves of garlic Minced

1 medium sized Onion chopped in small cubes

2 and half tablespoon of cooking Oil

2 small size of pork spicy Sausages (Is called Linguiça in Portugal) or use another types if you don’t have it

How to Make

First prepare all ingredients, cleaning and chopping

Then in a bowl put prawn and squid then marinate with pinch of salt, pepper 1/2 teaspoon of Sesame oil and 1 tablespoon of Lemon Juice then keep it aside for a five minute at least.

After 5 minutes lets fry the marinated Squid and Prawn for a minute, heat the pan then add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, when oil gets hot then add Prawn & Squid, fry it. We will see some sauce coming out from it, after a minute remove it with the sauce and reserve it.

Now is fun part, clean the pan if you are cooking in the same pan, turn the gas on again in high heat. When pan gets hot than add 1 and half tablespoon of cooking oil then add the garlic and onion, mix a little bit then straight away add the sausages and mix them all together to infuse their flavor, you will see it will give a nice golden color. It is going to smell amazing so fragrant!

After all combines nicely let’s add all colorful ingredients beside our spring onion, we will add it before finishing cooking,

Then fry it for 3 minutes. We don't want to overcook, we still want the crunchy texture from the vegetables.

Then add 2 tablespoons of Oyster sauce, for flavor and makes it shine. And half teaspoon of chili sauce, this is optional or at your taste, mix it all together.

After 3 minutes let’s add the rice and in the same time add the squid and prawn with their sauce, the sauce going to add juicy and seafood flavor, mix it all well and cook it for 2 minutes more. Keep mixing and add a bit of black pepper and salt at your taste and lemon juice

Finally add the spring onion, remember to reserve a bit for later to garnish and mix well, and fry it for a minute and taste. Then we are done.

For the Sunny side Egg

Heat the Pan when it gets hot then add a teaspoon of cooking oil, let it to be hot then crack the egg in the pan then reduce the gas to minimum and let it to be there for until egg white gets hard and yolk is still soft, do not burn. Now we are done.

Now you can put in serving plate add egg and garnish with Spring Onion or you can serve as you wish.

Happy cooking, enjoy....

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