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Spring Coriander Sauce 🌿

This is a Nepalese style fresh coriander dipping sauce, in Nepal we call Dhaniya ko Achar, it means fresh coriander pickle. It is very easy to make with a few ingredients. You can use as a dipping sauce for samosas, other fried snacks or on the side of your main meal of rice or roti. Enjoy!

Cooking time 5 minutes

Serves 2

Ingredients 150gr or 1 Big Tomato 50gr of Spring Coriander 1tsp of Lemon Juice 2 Cloves of Garlic 2 Chilies or to your taste Salt 1/2tsp or to your taste

How to make

Chop the tomato, spring coriander, garlic and chilies, and add them to a blender. Also add the salt and the lemon juice.

Now blend it until it looks smooth, should take more or less 2 minutes. After just plate and garnish with natural yogurt if you like. That's it enjoy!

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