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2 special ways of cooking Pork

This pickle dish is from the east of Nepal, it’s usually served specially in Dashain season, normally we cook for more than 24 hours on fire until the bone and dried chilies become one, its very soft and full of flavor. In this video I cook Pork leg pickle with long dry chilies and special hot Akabare Khursani from my hometown with my twist. To preserve for months, you add lard.

Second dish I make is boiled Pork with young Turnip greens with Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Cumin, Coriander Seeds etc. It’s really an easy and delicious way.

1 - Pork leg Pickle

Cooking time 12 or more hours to cook


1 Pork leg

2 1/2 liters Pork broth or you make it like I did with Pork Belly or other part of Pork

100g red dry Chilies

50g Akabare Khursani (very hot Nepali chilies, you can use other types)

100g Lard

2 Bay leaves

½ tsp Turmeric Powder

Salt 1/2 tbsp or to your taste

To infuse in the Oil

50ml Vegetable Oil

5 green Cardamom

1 Star Anis

A hand full of fresh Coriander

½ chopped Onion

3 cloves crushed Garlic

3 slice Ginger

2 - Boiled Pork belly with Turnip Greens

Cooking time 20 minutes

Serves 4


600g boiled Pork Belly

50g young Turnip Greens

1 Star Anis

2 bay leaves

4 Cardamom

½ chopped onion

1 big tomato

5 chopped fresh red chilies

Pinches of Turmeric powder

2 tbsp vegetable Oil

1 tsp Salt

To make Masala

2 small slices Ginger

4 cloves Garlic

½ tbsp Cumin Seeds

1 tbsp Coriander Seeds

How to cook

Prepare all the ingredients above

  1. Clean the pig Leg and Belly very well.

  2. Into a pot add in 1 ½ liter water, Pork belly, bay leaves, Turmeric and Salt, let it boil for around 45 minutes on medium heat meanwhile skim the scum.

  3. Wash the chilies, remove its stems up and chop it up into an inch size then keep aside.

  4. Pig feet chop it up into small pieces.

  5. Heat a Karai or a pan on medium high heat, add in the Oil, heat it up and add in aromatic ingredients to infuse in the Oil, let it caramelized and remove it then add in Chopped Pork feet in the Oil as well as Salt, combine them very well until the feet becomes slightly brown.

  6. Back to the pork belly, remove it from the pot and keep aside.

  7. Now we have the pork broth. Into the broth put in the fried pig feet, all chopped chilies and around a liter of hot water. Let it boil, reduce the heat to low and let it cook until the pig feet and chilies becomes one, it should take around 12 hours or more if necessary, and if you need you can add in more hot water too.

  8. Meanwhile, prepare masala paste with Cumin, Coriander, Ginger and Garlic.

  9. Clean young Turnip leaves and chop the boiled Pig Belly into around an inch cube.

  10. Next heat a pan or Karai, put in a tbsp of oil as soon as it gets hot add in the Bay Leaves, Star Anis and green Cardamom, then add in the chopped Pork Belly, combine them very well, add in Turmeric powder and mix it very well, then fry it until the meat becomes slightly brown.

  11. Now add in the chopped Onion and chilies, mix and cook it for around 2 minutes. Next add in chopped tomato and Masala paste the one we made earlier, combine it very well, add in Salt, combine and add in a ½ cup of water, mix and cook it around 4 minutes then add in cleaned Turnip greens, combine it very well and let it cook around 2 minutes then your boiled Pork belly dish is done.. Enjoy!

  12. After 12 hours get back to the Pickle, by this time the liquid reduces to 90% and the chilies and the Pork feet becomes a thick paste, smash it with the back of the spatula to make it smooth.

  13. Next in a little pan and put in Lard and heat it up, most of it add it into the pickle and mix it very well. Your Pork Leg Pickle is ready. If you want to try a bit at this point separate some and add in Lemon or Lime juice and adjust the salt if need it then enjoy.

  14. The rest let it cool down and put it into an air tide jar add more lard on if you have left. Keep in the fridge like this you can use it for months.

  • Note – to eat you can separate the portion, heat it up slightly, add in Lemon or lime juice and adjust the salt and enjoy!

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