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Ghee - Clarified Butter

Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Ghee is a very important ingredient in Nepali Kitchen, its traditional process to make takes quite a bit of time. My mother still makes it and they are so aromatic and fragrant. I normally bring from home because it is hard to find it in west proper one and they can be expensive.

Then I decided to make my own ghee instead of bringing always from home. With unsalted butter I tried a few time already and went very well, I’m loving it I find out that it is a very good substitute for the one I bring from Nepal. Trust me it doesn’t have much difference, the only different is a slightly smell but when you taste and cook the flavors are similarities so I’m quite happy that I found out this solution. If you are wondering about ghee, thinking that you can’t find and it’s too expensive then this is the solution for you, you can buy unsalted butter every corner in the west so why don’t we make it in our home. Follow my recipes you will save a lots of money, hassle and time.

Making time 12 minutes for this amount of ghee


250 grams of unsalted Butter (room temperature)

How to make:

Turn on the gas in medium heat and let the pan to heat slowly, make sure you have a deep pan. If you are making big amount then use the pan accordingly. Remember big amount takes more time to cook.

Add butter before the pan gets very hot and let it dissolve slowly. Here control the heat, everyone’s stove can be different. Keep heat in medium low otherwise it can burn easily then our ghee turn to bitter taste and dark color, we don’t want that to happen!

Stir it a bit to help it dissolve fast and evenly. Now all butter is dissolved, it starts to boil here, you can see spume, this is normal just let it boil until it separates fat and impurities without burning.

After 4 minutes boiling we can see here, it started to separate the oil and impurities, keep boiling for 3 minutes more, then looks completely separated and smells good as well.

Then let it boil a minute more to slightly caramelize it, not too much. Caramelization gives an aromatic flavor and taste, this is the secret about ghee making. After caramelized a little bit you can see the Ghee changed color to a slightly to caramel then your ghee is done and smells so aromatic.

Turn off the gas and let it be cool down in the pan for about 1 hour or more.

After Ghee cooled down, keep it in a dried and clean air tide glass jar because we can keep it for more than 6 months you can keep outside in a cool and dry place, no need in the fridge. I suggest you to not to use plastic jar for the home made ghee because it can start smell different after some time.

Use small a strainer and pour the ghee slowly through the strainer into a jar, last part of the impurities and liquid can be throw out.

Remember in the beginning Ghee does seems runny but by time it gets solids. And also I would like to suggest you to not add any drop of water if you want to keep it for long time, it can create fungus.

Enjoy your cooking! Bye…

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