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Gourmet Pumpkin Jam

This is one of my favorite Pumpkin Jam recipes. I really recommend that everyone who loves this sweet treat on their breakfast, should make it at home and enjoy it. This recipe doesn't go off that easily so long as you can keep it either in the fridge or on room temperature then enjoy until it finishes.

It is very easy to make on low heat with only 4 ingredients. I really hope that you give it a try!

Cooking time - Until the Pumpkin pieces dissolves in the Sugar (around 60 to 80 minutes)


1 kg Pumpkin

500g Brown Sugar

80ml (1/3 Cup) Lemon Juice

2 tbsp Lemon Zest

Cinnamon Stick

How to make:

Prepare all the ingredients above.

  1. Into a large pan, add in lemon juice and zest over low heat, reduce the juice slowly until it gets a slightly caramalised crust on the pan.

  2. Add in the Pumpkin, Sugar and Cinnamon stick, combine it well until the sugar dissolves, lid on loosely and over low heat cook it until the Pumpkin pieces dissolve in the Sugar.

  3. Meanwhile mix it a few times to make sure it is cooking properly. Continue cooking slowly.

  4. After an hour or 80 minutes of cooking, lid off & mash it with the back of the ladle lightly until it becomes stringy and smooth.

  5. After it becomes stringy and smooth, turn off the heat, cool it down, transfer to an airtight container and enjoy until it finishes for your breakfast or snacks.

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