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Gundruk ra Bhatmas

In this winter season I’m thinking on something that keeps us warm, so I remember this Nepali dish called Gundruk ra Bhatmas. Gundruk is a fermented leafy mustard/green vegetable, it is a very typical Nepali ingredient, we Nepalese die for this. In this recipe I´m making with Soya beans that we called Bhatmas. Soya beans add such a flavor which makes you addicted. It’s easy to follow and comes out so well! I hope you try and enjoy!

Cooking time 10 minutes

Serves 2


25 gr Gundruk (Fermented leafy mustard green)

50 gr Bhatmas (Soya Beans)

1 ½ tbsp all-purpose Flour

1 medium small size ripe Tomato

1 half green and red fresh Chilies

2 dried chilies

1 small stem of French Garlic (1/3 cup)

4 big size garlic cloves

½ tsp turmeric powder

A few pinches of chili powder optional

1 1/2tsp salt or to your taste

2 tbsp vegetable Oil

500 ml water or a bit more if you like.

How to make

Prepare all the ingredients above, wash and cut.

  1. Heat a pan on medium heat, after the pan gets hot, add oil and let it get slightly hot then put in dried chilies and fry until it changes the color slightly around 20 seconds and take them out.

  2. Next put in Soya Beans and mix it nonstop until a minute or until it changes the color and break the skin of the Soya beans. As soon as you see like that add the minced garlic, mix it quickly with the Soya Beans and add chopped fresh chilies and French garlic. Mix them very well and fry it for 30 seconds then add Turmeric Powder and Chili Powder mix around 20 seconds.

  3. After add chopped tomatoes, mix it very well and cook it around 1 minutes

  4. Add in flour, mix again very well than add Gundruk mix it. Add salt mix well, Note - you will see flour crushed on the pan in this moment that is what gives you rich creamy flavor.

  5. Next add 500ml water or a bit more if you like more gravy. Mix it very well and scrub on the Pan to take good thing out and let it boil. After boiling mix it again and let it boil around 5 minutes then your rich, creamy and delicious dish is done. It just takes less than 10 minutes. You can garnish with the chili that we fry before. Enjoy…

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