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Ham with Asparagus with a full bowl of rice!

Fantastic combination of Ham and Asparagus, I stir fry them with my favorite spices with a touch of white wine. Turns out a dish full of joy that what you need if you do not want to cook a big meal but still want to eat a delicious one. I end up having it with a bowl full of rice without noticing. Check it out in the video until the end.

Cooking time 25 minutes

Serves 2 as a main with rice (as a side dish 4)


300 grams Asparagus

200 grams Ham

4 cloves Garlic minced

1-inch Ginger minced

3 mild spicy fresh chilies minced

½ Onion sliced

½ tsp Turmeric powder

½ Black pepper powder

2 tbsp Tomato sauce

½ cup white Wine

1 tsp salt or per your taste

3 tbsp Olive Oil

Some water

To make Rice

1 cup (200 grams) Basmati rice

1 and half cup hot water

How to make:

Prepare all the ingredients above

  1. Peel and chop the Asparagus as you prefer but only use the soft part of it.

  2. Ham chop it up as you wish, set aside.

  3. Mince the Garlic, Ginger, fresh chilies and slice the onion, set them all aside.

  4. Now wash the Rice until slightly clear water runs, then put on the heat, add in hot water, combine with a spatula and let it boil, after it boils, mix again, lid on, lower the heat to minimum and let it cook until 12 minutes. (After 12 minutes turn off the heat and let it rest around 10 minutes before use.)

  5. Next a pan on the heat, add in Oil, when it becomes slightly hot, add in the turmeric powder, wait a few seconds then join in the chopped ham, stir it until it changes the color.

  6. After it changes the color add in minced ginger, garlic, and chili, fry them until its fragrant, then put in onion, black pepper, tomato sauce and chili oil, combine them very well for around a minute.

  7. Next add in Asparagus and Salt, mix it well then add in the white wine, combine it and let it evaporate, around 30 seconds, then add in a cup of water to cook the Asparagus, mix it all well, lid on and let it cook for 6 to 8 minutes. After, take the lid off, you will see the sauce is reduced, mix it again and done.

Enjoy with a bowl full of rice. Stay well!

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