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Mango Lassi

This is a short video I have taken with my little baby. To keep a beautiful memory of her childhood with us and of course the recipe. I think it will be so beautiful to look back on this time in the future. I’m having fun making this possible when I can.

About the recipe, it's quite simple but delicious and refreshing for the summer heat. Please watch it, make it and enjoy it. And please let me know how you like it in the comment below. Oh by the way don’t forget to share how you like to enjoy mangoes?! It's in season nowadays.


1 cup natural yogurt

1 cup ripe mango

½ cup water or a bit more if you prefer thin.

½ cup or 5 to 6 cubes Ice

1 tbsp brown sugar or to taste

A few pinch green cardamom powder

How to make:

Prepare all the ingredients above and blend them until it is homogeneous then enjoy!

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