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Nepalese meal with a beautiful surprise!

Hi everyone, today I made a plan to cook a simple Nepalese meal for you to enjoy with your family. The recipes are very easy, yet delicious. I hope you try them.

SURPRISE: The Pabskitchen family got a new member so I’m introducing you to my newly born gorgeous daughter “Naia” through this video as a surprise. Naia is going to be with me in the video and I’m really excited to bring you more beautiful content with my amazing daughter. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope you do too. Enjoy the recipes and a lot of love from us.

Niger Seeds with Vegetables Achar


500g Potatoes boiled

½ (150g) Cucumber

1 tomato (½ cup)

½ red Onion

Handful of chopped Coriander

½ cup green frozen Peas

½ inch Ginger

2 cloves Garlic

½ cup Niger seeds

4 dried Chilies

150ml Mustard Oil

1 tsp Fenugreek seeds

1 tsp Turmeric powder

1 tsp red Chili powder

1 tsp Salt or to taste

½ Lime juice

Mung Dal


To boil Dal

2 cups (200) skinless split Mung Dal

½ tsp Turmeric powder

1 tsp Salt or to taste

To season Dal

1 tbsp Ghee

1 tsp Cumin seeds

2 cloves of Garlic minced

2 dried Chilies

2 bay leaves

A few pinches of Turmeric powder

½ tsp Garam Masala

½ tsp Salt or to taste

Handful of fresh coriander leaves

Quick Chicken curry

800g Chicken

1 red Onion

2 tbsps cooking Oil

½ tbsp mix of Cumin, Carom & Fenugreek seeds

1 Star Anise

Small stick of Cinnamon

2 Bay leaves

4 Cloves

3 Cardamom

1 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste

½ tsp Turmeric powder

½ red Chili powder

1 tsp Coriander powder

1 tsp Cumin powder

1 tsp Garam masala

1 medium Tomato

1 tsp salt or to taste

Handful of chopped Coriander

Stir Fry Spinach

200g Spinach

1 tbsp cooking Oil

1 large cloves of Garlic

2 dried chilies

1 tomato

A few pinches of Salt

Please check for the rest of the recipe’s ingredients

How to make

Let’s prepare the Achar

Chop cucumber, take the seeds and cut it into bite size pieces then into a big bowl.

Chop one red Onion and tomatoes then join with cucumber.

Chop green coriander and to defrost the frozen peas add water. Set aside.

Potatoes are cooked well. Remove. Let it rest until you can handle it. Peel and chop into bite size pieces and add in. Defrosted green peas also go in.

Chop Ginger Garlic into strips and add them in.

Next dry roast Niger seeds and red dried chilies until it is fragrant for 2 to 3 minutes then blend to a powder. Set aside.

Heat a pan again with Oil. Fry fenugreek seeds until it is dark. Remove them from the stove then put in turmeric. Mix and pour onto the vegetables. Now red chili powder, salt, chopped green Coriander, blended roasted Niger seeds and a half Lemon juice.

Now combine them very well and the Achar is ready.

Next dish is Dal

Dal is cooked. Run the ladle in, to smoothen it.

To season, heat a pan with a tbsp of Ghee then cumin seeds. Fry until it is brown and fragrant. Add finely chopped garlic, red chilies and Bay leaves. Stir for 30 seconds. Now Turmeric, stir then pour in all boiled Dal. Combine it very well then let it boil. It is starting to boil. Add in Garam masala, salt to taste and green coriander leaves. Combine them very well. The simple and delicious Mung Dal is ready.

Now I’m making Chicken curry.

Cooking skinless Chicken with bone. Chop Onion. Heat a pan with 2 tbsps of oil. Add in mixed seeds masala like fenugreek, carom and cumin seeds. Fry them until they are dark brown. Next add in Star Anise, a piece of cinnamon, Bay leaves, cloves and Cardamom. Stir for 10 seconds.

Add in chopped onion and cook it until it gets soft and brown.

Now add in Ginger garlic paste and cook it for a minute.

Next the Chicken. Combine it very well. Add in Turmeric, Chili, Coriander, Cumin powder and Garam Masala.

Combine it very well. Lid on and cook it for 10 minutes. Mix if you need it in between to avoid burning.

I got a lovely visit at my window, hello pigeon you all right?

Let’s see the Chicken.

Combine it again.

Add in chopped tomato and salt then mix thoroughly. Lid on and cook it for 10 minutes again on medium heat.

After 10 minutes, lid off. Looks really delicious, add in coriander leaves. Combine and our quick Chicken curry dish is ready.

Let's make spinach.

Heat a pan with oil. Now add Garlic slices, stir, then add red chilies and chopped tomato. Cook until it is slightly softened.

Add in Spinach and Salt. Stir until it wilts. Looks amazing! This very quick stir fry spinach is ready.

I steamed Basmati rice already, please check my other video on how to cook basmati rice perfectly, here is the link.

Fermented Carrot & Radish Achar, please click on the link here to find out how to make it.

Every dish I cooked was delicious and so easy. Please try them. Thank you so much for watching. If you like it please subscribe to my channel and write to me in the comments.

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