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Spicy Radish Pickle 🌶️ 🌿

This is a typical Grated Radish pickle that we, Nepalese, love to eat as a pickle side dish on our meals or day time snacks. It has a sour, spicy, lemony and Sesame taste and flavor, even to remember my mouth gets water. I simply grated the fresh Diakon Radish and seasoned with Garlic, chilli powder, Lemon juice, Sesame seeds as well as some lovely, typical, Nepali spices which takes it to another level in terms of flavor. Please watch the video and follow the recipe. Enjoy!

Serves 4 to 5

Preparing time 20 to 25 minutes


300 grams Grated Daikon Radish

4 tbsp of Sesame Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds

3 small Cloves of Garlic

1 large Spring Onion

½ Green Chillies

A pinch of Black Pepper

½ tsp of Salt

½ tbsp of Red Chili Powder

1 and ½ tbsp of Mustard oil (Cooking Oil)

2 to 3 pinches of Fenugreek Seeds

½ tsp of Turmeric Powder

1 and ½ tbsp of Lemon or Lime juice

How to make

  1. First fry the Sesame or Pumpkin seeds until it gets golden brown in a medium high heat flame. Don't forget to keep shaking or stirring it to get brown evenly.

  2. After it gets brown, keep it a couple of pinches to garnish and add it to a Mortar then with a Pestle pound it to make it like a kind of powder and set a side.

  3. Washed and peel the Daikon Radish and with a grater, grate it from the big whole side of your grater to make strips than paste, add it into a large bowl.

  4. Next grate 3 small cloves of garlic into the bowl, spring Onion chop and add it into the bowl and a half green chilli slice and add. You can add to your taste. Add a few pinches of Black Pepper, ½ tsp of salt, use to your taste and ½ tbsp of red chilli powder, use to your taste.

  5. Next make the seasoning oil. Heat a small pan with a medium flame and let it to be hot and add 1 and half tbsp of Mustard oil if you have if not then you can use any cooking oil. Let it to be hot.

  6. After Oil is hot add 2 to 3 pinches Fenugreek seeds and let it infuse in the oil until it becomes dark.

  7. After it becomes dark, turn of the gas and add ½ tsp of turmeric powder and mix it shaking the pan for around 5 seconds. Then directly add it into the bowl with other ingredients.

  8. Next add the roasted and grinned sesame seeds that we made earlier and 1 and half tbsp of Lemon or Lime juice to make it “citricy” and more “pickley”. Mix very well to combine. Remember to season this pickle just before serving because the amount of water comes after. And I like it this way.

  9. Put it in the serving plate and garnish with the Roasted sesame seeds if you like. Now you will see alots of juice coming out, it´s normal. The juice that comes out from the radish is with full of flavor, personally I love it.

Now you can serve as a side dish with your meals. Enjoy and thank you so much for coming all the way throw.

Note: To make a dry version of it at the beginning after grate the Radish put the pinch of salt, mix and let it seat for around 10 minutes then you will see the water. Squeeze all water to throw then you can make an advance.

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