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The BEST Ways To Eat A Pomegranate

I'm going to teach you the ultimate ways to eat a Pomegranate. Jam, Molasses, Liquor, Tea, Juice and Dry Seeds (Anardana). Now is Pomegranate season and I have a lot of them so in this video I show you how can we enjoy them. In future videos I will show you how to prepare dishes by using Molasses and Anardana. Stay tune!


8 kg whole Pomegranates

White Sugar

1 Star Anis

A Leaf of Mint to decorate

600ml Alcohol

How to make

Wash and clean the Pomegranate very well with normal water and take the seeds off and put it into a large bowl.

To make Anardana

2 ½ cup separate to make it dry. You can dry it on the sun a few days or in the oven in 100 Celsius it takes around 8 to 10 hours, check and turn them over every hour it must be dry very well.

1 kg keep in a bowl and set aside.

Rest of the Pomegranate seeds squeeze and strain to make it juice you can use on your own way to make it.

To make Tea

Into a little flask put in 1 cup of Pomegranate seeds, 1/2 cup white Sugar and the Pomegranate juice 1 ½ cup or until it covers them, stir it until the sugar dissolves well, lid off and wait at least half an hour then put in a tea cup little bit. Add hot water, stir it and enjoy the tea. Rest keep in the fridge and enjoy whenever you like.

To make Liquor

Into a tall air tide flask put in 1 ½ cup hand crushed Pomegranate, 1/3 cup white sugar and 600ml high percentage Alcohol, put the lid on and keep it in a place which is dry and in room temperature and start to drink after a month.

To make Molasses

10 cups of Juice put in a deep pan and boil it on medium to high heat around 20 minutes meanwhile remove the scum up and stir frequently. After 20 minutes reduce the heat to low and let it boil until the juice become slightly thick and the juice reduced to 2 cups, stir it frequently, it took me around 1 ½ hours.

After move the pan from the heat and let it cool down, after cooling down put it into a jar and keep it in the fridge or room temperature. With this you can make marination for various dishes.

To make Jam

500g Pomegranate seeds, 200g white Sugar and a Star Anis put them in a pan and let it boil on medium heat, stir to help to dissolve the sugar easily. After all dissolves reduce the heat to low and let it cook until it becomes slightly runny and sticky at the same time it takes around 35 to 40 minutes. After let it cool down and enjoy with bread it is going to be crunchy and delicious.

Enjoy all this recipes in different ways, with breadd, as tea, etc. Be ready to learn more recipes with Molasses and Anardana!

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