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Spicy Masala Omelet

When I think about the Masala Omelet I think about this juicy and beautiful looking Omelet. You can make this for a mini party at your home, your guests will love it. You can choose your own ingredients to add with Eggs but I make it with Red Bell Pepper, Tomato’s meaty part, Red Onion, Onion green, Garlic, Green Coriander and for the fragrancy Cumin seeds, Crushed Coriander Seeds and aromatic Red chili Powder.

This is a very easy and time saver recipe it just takes around 5 to 6 minutes. Enjoy!

Cooking time after preparing the ingredients 5 to 6 minutes

Serves 3 or depends


6 free range Chicken Eggs batter very well

2 tbsp finely chopped Red Capsicum/Red Bell Pepper

2 tbsp finely chopped Ripe tomato’s only meaty part with Skin

2 tbsp finely chopped Red Onion

1 clove Garlic minced

1 tbsp finely chopped green Onion stems

1 tbsp finely chopped only greens from green Onion to garnish

1 chopped fresh Red chili to garnish

1 tbsp finely chopped green Coriander

A few pinches of Cumin Seeds

½ tsp crushed Coriander Seeds

½ Red Chili powder or to your taste

1 tbsp Olive Oil

A few pinches of fine Salt to your taste

How to make

  1. Prepare all the ingredients above

  2. Heat a non-sticky pan on medium heat, add oil in, spread on the pan, add cumin seeds and let it get slightly brown.

  3. Add all the chopped ingredients beside Red fresh Chili and Onion’s greens and Crushed Coriander seeds, Red Chili Powder and Salt, combine them very well then spread it on the pan evenly.

  4. Turn heat down to low and add in batter eggs, spread evenly on the pan then sprinkle a few pinches of Crushed Coriander seeds, Chili powder, and lid on then let it stay on low heat until it’s liquid dries completely. It takes around 2 to 3 minutes.

  5. After, lid off and flip over the Omelet with the help of a plate and cook it for 30 seconds more, then you are done. Take it off from the heat and you can enjoy as you wish with garnish of some chopped fresh chili and Onion’s green if you like. Enjoy!

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