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Chayote Pickle with Pumpkin Seeds Powder

This is 2nd episode, In this recipe you will see how to make Chayote Pickle seasoned with Pumpkin seeds powder with very few ingredients but delicious way. You can enjoy it as a snack with Rice, Beaten Rice or Roti etc.

Please watch 1st episode to know how to take care of them.

Steaming or Boiling time 25 minutes

Making time 5 minutes (if you prepare rest of the ingredients while the Chayote is cooking)

Serves 4


250g or ½ matured Chayote Squash peeled and boiled or steamed

1 big Tomato

10g Pumpkin seeds

½ medium red Onion

1& ½ tbsp spring Coriander

3 cloves Garlic

1-inch Ginger

2 Red Chilies

½ tbsp Salt or to your taste

1 & ½ tbsp Lemon juice or to your taste

How to make:

  1. Boil or steam a peeled ½ matured Chayote Squash it takes around 20 to 25 minutes (PS during this time you can prepare rest of the ingredients, so it takes less time).

  2. After the Chayote is cooked, remove from the steamer and let it cool down.

  3. While the Chayote is cooling down, grill a tomato until the its skin becomes dark on low heat it takes around 5 minutes. Remove it and put it in cold water into a bowl, it helps to cool down fast and easy to take the skin off. Into a mortar put in Salt, Chilies, Ginger and Garlic then crush it with a pestle until its fine. Peel the Tomato, add in, crush it until it becomes a sauce texture and keep it aside.

  4. Chop the steamed Chayote into stripes or as you wish. Put them into a bowl. Slice the Onion thinly and join it, chop the spring Coriander, add in and the Tomato Sauce that we made then keep it aside.

  5. Next pan dry roasts the Pumpkin seeds on medium low heat until its golden brown (use something to cover otherwise it starts to blow up after heats well, keep stirring them). Remove it, put it into a mortar & crush it until it becomes a powder and add into the bowl with the rest.

  6. Mix them all together, add Lemon juice and combine them again very well, after garnish with a coriander leaf and enjoy. You can double or triple the size if you want to make big quantity.

  7. If you have a sweet tooth, then add in 1 tsp Sugar or Syrup or to your taste.

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